It’s acceptable to seed from mid-April to May, but the ideal time to seed is during the last two weeks of August and first two weeks of September. This is when temperatures are cooler and there is more rainfall. If you seed during the drier summer months you must be vigilant with daily watering.

To determine the amount of product you will need, measure your total lawn area and calculate the square footage (length x width = square footage). Start by spreading starter fertilizer over the entire area to be seeded – 8lbs per 1,000 sq feet. We recommend Greenhorizons Fertilizer 10-25-10 (4.4lb bag) for small areas under 750 sq feet or 8-32-16 (55lb bag) for larger areas over 750 sq feet.

On top of the fertilized area, spread evenly 1/4 inch of Nature’s Blend Soil.

Prepare your seed mixture: measure 20 parts of soil to 1 part seed (for example, 20 shovels full of soil to 1 shovel full of seed) and mix thoroughly. Divide the mixture in half. Spread the first half evenly over the entire area in one direction, and repeat this procedure with the second half in the opposite direction. (It’s better to go over an area a second or third time rather than run out of seed before you get the whole lawn covered.) A 1 kg bag of Greenhorizons Premium Seed Blend should cover approx. 400-440 sq feet in the sun.

For successful seeding, sufficient watering is absolutely essential. Water lightly – 1/4 inch daily for 2 weeks and then cut back to every other day for 2 weeks.