Fertilize Trees, Shrubs and Plantings

Don’t forget to fertilize your trees! Everyone knows to fertilize their lawns but our trees and plants are often overlooked when it comes to fertilization.

Sometimes we need to supplement our diet with a multi-vitamin when we’re not receiving proper nutrition from our meals. Trees can benefit from the same idea; however, we use fertilizer to boost their nutrition instead of vitamins.

Fertilization not only helps your trees to grow and thrive, it also helps protect them from disease and insects.

In the long run, properly fertilized trees and bushes will also save you money. You’ll replace your plantings less often than a non-fertilized landscape, and your property will continue to grow and flourish for many more years.

Now is the perfect time of year to fertilize your trees and all of your plants. If you’d like our help fertilizing your trees, plants and property, contact us today!

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