burlington-shedsHaving landscaped in the Burlington and Oakville area for many years now, we are noticing that backyard sheds are changing. Only until recently, sheds have been used almost exclusively as an outdoor storage area; a fairly convenient covered space for garden tools and equipment, and probably too many other things you’re just not ready to commit to the garbage! Today, the shed is reinvented with many more useful —and enjoyable — functions in mind: an entertaining area with a bar counter and pergola attached, private home office, garden cottage, bath and shower house, greenhouse or gardener’s workshop or even a combination. Just think of the new possibilities for your leisure time!

Talk to us about the type of space you’re dreaming of. We’ll work with you to design just the right structure. Perhaps you’re considering design elements that will give your shed a more architectural feel: cupolas or dormers, large windows and French doors, for example. Eco-friendly and reclaimed materials are another popular trend in sheds that not only help preserve our planet but add a unique style and texture to the structure. We can custom design sheds to be as elaborate or as basic as you’d like. Sheds to suit both your style and your lifestyle.

Such beautiful structures often mean sheds have a more prominent place in the backyard setting — even more reason to make sure they are designed and built to look their best, and function well for years to come. Let’s Landscape Together builds sheds and structures that will last using quality materials and proper construction techniques. We use cedar lumber for our sheds, asphalt shingles or cedar roof shakes and we always start with a solid concrete pad to prevent movement from frost.

If you’ve been looking for a private retreat right here in Burlington — one that’s a more permanent fixture in your life than the occasional getaway — maybe you only need to look as far as your own backyard shed.