Landscape Consultation

A professional landscape consultation is a great way for you to meet with an experienced professional who can guide you through the process of your property enhancement.

  1. Initial Discovery
    1. Homeowners & Let’s Landscape Together meet to discuss current property and vision of improvements
    2. Small investment for design phase
  2. Design Phase
    1. Let’s Landscape Together reviews vision from Initial Discovery phase
    2. Plan is created to fulfill homeowners vision
    3. Materials are chosen
    4. Investment proposal created
  3. Investment Presentation
    1. Homeowners & Let’s Landscape Together meet to review design and investment plan
    2. Construction timeline is agreed upon
    3. Agreements reviewed
    4. Agreements signed
    5. Deposit submitted
  4. Pre-Project Communication
    1. Homeowners & Let’s Landscape Together discuss project commencement
    2. Equipment, materials and delivery dates/times are communicated
  5. Project Communication
    1. Homeowners & Let’s Landscape Together agree on frequency of communication while project is under way
    2. Proactively deal with any changes or unforseen obstacles
  6. Post Project Completion
    1. Homeowners & Let’s Landscape Together review finished project
    2. Final financial installment submitted
    3. Referrals are always appreciated

Fill out the request for consultation form or call or email us to set up your appointment;

Landscape Consultation Preparation

  1. Detailed wishlist for your project, keeping priorities in mind
  2. Desired timeline for work to commence and a completion date
  3. Planned investment


Stop by our fully landscaped showroom to view some of the products that we install and to book an appointment with your landscape consultant.

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