Fall landscape construction? Why would you start your landscape project in the fall? While it may seem strange to be thinking about building a pool or a complete backyard oasis in fall, it’s actually the best time to start your project.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider starting your landscape construction project in the fall;

1. Timing

Starting your project in the fall will allow you to enjoy next summer in full. Think of it this way, if you finish your project in the fall, when spring hits next year you’ll have a brand new landscaped area to enjoy from day one. Even if you start your project in the fall, and finish up in the spring, you still get to enjoy the entire summer. If you were to start next spring, you’ll be in construction through spring, and possibly part of summer if the project is large.

2. Pricing

Prices are always going up! It’s inevitable that certain products and companies will be raising their prices next spring. Take advantage or current pricing before any increases by starting your project in the fall, or by simply signing your contract in the fall to ensure you get the best pricing.

3. Efficiency

Fall brings cooler temperatures, which in turn provides employees with the perfect weather to work in construction. It’s not too hot like the middle of the summer, and it’s not freezing cold yet. This typically has the additional benefit of speeding up the project as it is not slowed down by heat warnings and other work stoppages throughout the summer.

4. Planning

A sticking point for many people is that they’d rather not pay out all of this money if they aren’t going to be able to use what they’re paying for. However, now you have all winter to discuss and plan out what you’re going to add to your new backyard. Perhaps that custom sign that you always wanted to buy now has a place above your outdoor fireplace. Being able to plan out what your backyard will look in the summer is actually a fun exercise for you and your family, and gives you another head start to enjoying your new backyard all summer long.

5. Additions

OK, let’s say you were smart, and you now have your backyard project started or completed in fall. Now what? Maybe you now realize that you can fit a hot tub into the corner of your yard, or you saved enough because you started in fall, now you can build that outdoor wood oven you’ve always wanted. When spring arrives it’ll be easy to add these additional touches without creating a huge mess, and disrupting your families summer.

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