Before your new landscaping project begins, take a moment to read these handy tips on how to prepare yourself and your neighbours to ensure a smooth and enjoyable landscaping process.

We recommend that you advise your neighbours of our upcoming arrival, prior to the start of any landscaping project.

There will of course be a certain degree of mess and noise with any project. There will be materials which will have to be brought in. Should your project require a significant amount of debris to be removed (i.e. soil, brush, asphalt, etc) a large dumpster bin will be used and will be placed on the road as close as possible to the project site. Rest assured that everything will be returned to the way it was prior to the start date, in terms of cleanliness.

You may consider using alternate parking for your own vehicles as the driveway is often used to store materials, machinery and tools.

Any questions, concerns or comments can be directed to the Site Foreman. Our foremen are extremely knowledgeable and are more than willing to answer any and all of your concerns. Of course you are welcome to call the office at any time, should you feel the need.

Extra work that you might wish to have done, which is not specified in your contract, must be requested in advance and mutually agreed upon prior to commencement.

Delays in construction are not pleasant for anyone, especially us. However, sometimes delays can arise and are simply unavoidable, due to many factors. These include inclement weather, material unavailability, equipment malfunctions and other unforeseeable circumstances. The likelihood of a delay occurring on your project is very slim and we guarantee to do all that is necessary to complete your project in a very timely manner.

Please note that washroom access for our crews would be greatly appreciated, as fewer trips off the construction site will speed up the installation time. Do not feel that this is a firm requirement – only a request. The same could be said for providing access to cold drinking water on those hot summer days for our crews.

Most importantly, any of your concerns are our concerns. We strive to bring you complete satisfaction on every Let’s Landscape Together project, no matter how big or small. In fact, we guarantee this for you in writing.