landscape-lighting-burlingtonThe right landscape lighting can not only extend the enjoyment of your outdoor space into the night hours, but it can highlight a very different beauty of your home and landscape. Landscape lighting is not only about creating lit areas, but the very artful interplay of light and shadows. In fact, we really look at landscape lighting as an art, creating just the right amount of ambient and dramatic effects. Of course, landscape lighting also has a safety and security function, and so should always be given serious consideration for your property. Well lit pathways and walks ensure that your family — and visitors who might be unfamiliar with the property layout — will be safe from trips and falls. Studies have also shown that a well-lit property is less likely to be a target for break-ins and property damage.

Landscape lighting is determined by the individual landscape and your specific needs. As you know, homes in the Burlington and Oakville each have their own unique character. We’ll listen to what you are looking for, go over the different fixtures available, and help you choose among the many lighting types:

  • Uplighting — landscape lighting from below, to highlight buildings, architectural elements, trees etc.
  • Downlighting — light from above, often concealed, to provide a moonlight effect or illuminate areas of interest, like lawns and patios.
  • Pathlighting — to create a beautiful effect and help people move freely along pathways, driveways and stairs.
  • Backlighting — often used to create shadows or washes of light across walls or textured surfaces.
  • Spotlighting and accent lighting — highlighting focal areas.

We have the experience to design and install a landscape lighting system that will create an inviting elegance to your home. Our qualified staff use only high quality lights and transformers so that your system will last for years to come, problem-free.

And if effortless lighting — and energy savings — appeal to you, talk to us about including lighting controls, like timers, motion sensors, dimmers and photocells, to your landscape lighting system.

Discover a new dimension to your home and garden with the lighting professionals at Let’s Landscape.