Pool Closings

We are not offering a pool closing service at this time.

We recommend that you search locally for a capable pool closing service. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when closing your own pool or considering a pool closing service:

Full Pool Closing Packages include;

  • Drain Water to Appropriate Level
  • Remove Jets, Ladders and Baskets
  • Blow the Lines
  • Winterize Pool System
  • Install Winter Cover
  • Add Appropriate Chemicals

Important Pool Closings Information

Here is a checklist for you to complete prior to your closing appointment. This will ensure that the pool closing company are able to close your pool efficiently, and as scheduled.

  1. Customers with Sump Wells are required to pump down 48 hours prior to your closing appointment
  2. Make sure your pool has been thoroughly cleaned and free of any debris before the pool closers arrive to close the pool
  3. The pool water must be at the correct chemical levels. This ensures that your liner does not fade or wrinkle over the winter
  4. If your pool has any removable objects such as drop-in steps, handrails, etc., these must be removed before closing the pool
  5. Please ensure that your salt cell and cartridge filters are clean. Remove them and store them inside for the winter months
  6. All pool equipment and accessories that are required for the closing should be made available to the pool closing staff

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